Checkered Ninja (Ternet Ninja): Film Review

Film: Ternet Ninja
Anmelder: The Hollywood Reporter, Jordan Mintzer

“Not your average ninja, nor your average kids movie about ninjas, the Danish animated feature Checkered Ninja (Ternet Ninja) lies somewhere between a clever coming-of-age cartoon and a racy comedy more suitable for a slot on Adult Swim. […]

It’s a crazy pitch, yet the directors pack their movie with enough jokes and enjoyable set-pieces — including a well-staged showdown with the bully at the local playground — that viewers can ride with the premise long enough. They also toss in a bunch of original rap and trap tracks, some of them not entirely kid-friendly, either, but they make for a fun addition.

Animation is impressively handled on what was purportedly a small budget, with lots of visual humor and a craftily designed lead character that’s half cuddly and half deadly. Music by Christian Vinten, along with the rap songs written by Mattesen, provide a lively soundtrack to accompany the action.

Humor definitely dips into R-rated territory in places, including that porn reference and some random cursing, but Checkered Ninja is ultimately a playful affair with darker undertones — such as its scathing condemnation of child labor practices in Southeast Asia. In the end, it offers up what feels like a typical tale of a geek finding the courage to stand up for himself, but it does so in a brazenly atypical way that may partially explain its immense success at home.”

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